Sample Submission

Interested in submitting samples to the HTS core? Please review our Project Generation Plan for a general idea of how your project will progress from start to finish.

Customers should submit the appropriate amount of sample depending on the workflow chosen for the project. Please see the Workflow Sample Requirement Chart for the requirements of a particular workflow. There are also forms that must be completed before submitting samples. Please see the sumbission forms to review these documents. If there is interest in receiving information for other services and/or if there is interest in submitting samples, please contact us.

Shipping/Delivery information:

BGI@CHOP Genome Center
Attn: Joe Chan
BGI@CHOP Genome Center Room A450
Colket Translational Research Building
3501 Civic Center Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 267-425-0125

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